10-bit Fet Bus Switch With Precharged Outputs And Active-clamp Undershoot Circuit

  The SN74CBTK6800 device provides ten bits of high-speed TTL-compatible bus switching. The low on-state resistance of the switch allows bidirectional connections to be made while adding near-zero propagation delay. The device also precharges the B port to a user-selectable bias voltage (BIASV) to minimize live-insertion noise. The A and B ports have an active-clamp undershoot-protection circuit. When there is an undershoot, the active-clamp circuit is enabled and current from VCC is supplied to clamp the output, preventing the pass Transistor from turning on. The SN74CBTK6800 is organized as one 10-bit switch with a single enable (ON) input. When ON is low, the switch is on, and port A is connected to port B. When ON is high, the switch between port A and port B is open. When ON is high or VCC is 0 V, B port is precharged to BIASV through the equivalent of a 10-k? Resistor ORDERING INFORMATION
Texas Instruments Incorporated
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