24-bit Fet Bus Switch With -2 V Undershoot Protection

  The SN74CBT16211C is a high-speed TTL-compatible FET bus switch with low ON-state resistance (ron), allowing for minimal propagation delay. Active Undershoot-Protection Circuitry on the A and B ports of the SN74CBT16211C provides protection for undershoot up to ?2 V by sensing an undershoot event and ensuring that the switch remains in the proper OFF state. The SN74CBT16211C is organized as two 12-bit bus Switches with separate output-enable (1OE, 2OE) inputs. It can be used as two 12-bit bus Switches or as one 24-bit bus switch. When OE is low, the associated 12-bit bus switch is ON, and the A port is connected to the B port, allowing bidirectional data flow between ports. When OE is high, the associated 12-bit bus switch is OFF, and the high-impedance state exists between the A and B ports. This device is fully specified for partial-power-down applications using Ioff. The Ioff feature ensures that damaging current will not backflow through the device when it is powered down. The device has isolation during power off. To ensure the high-impedance state during power up or power down, OE should be tied to VCC through a pullup resistor; the minimum value of the Resistor is determined by the current-sinking capability of the driver.
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