300khz & 600khz Synchronous Pwm Controller With Programmable Bus Uvlo

  The NX2113 controller IC is a synchronous Buck con- troller IC designed for step down DC to DC converter applications. Synchronous control operation replaces the traditional catch Diode with an Nch MOSFET resulting in improved converter efficiency. The NX2113 controller is optimized to convert bus voltages from 2V to 25V to outputs as low as 0.8V voltage using Enable pin to program the BUS voltage start up threshold. The NX2113 operates at 300kHz while 2113A is set at 600kHz operation which together with less than 50 nS of dead band provides an efficient and cost effective solution. Other features of the device are: Internal digital soft start; Vcc undervoltage lock out; Output undervoltage protection with digital Filter and shut- down capability via the enable pin.
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NX2113CUTR   NX2113CMTR   NX2113ACUTR   NX2113ACMTR   NX2113A  
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