8-bit Fet 2.5-v/3.3-v Low-voltage High-bandwidth Bus Switch

  /ORDERING INFORMATION The SN74CB3Q3345 is a high-bandwidth FET bus switch utilizing a Charge Pump to elevate the Gate voltage of the pass Transistor providing a low and flat ON-state resistance (ron). The low and flat ON-state resistance allows for minimal propagation delay and supports rail-to-rail switching on the data input/output (I/O) ports. The device also features low data I/O capacitance to minimize capacitive loading and signal distortion on the data bus. Specifically designed to support high-bandwidth applications, the SN74CB3Q3345 provides an optimized Interface solution ideally suited for broadband Communications networking, and data-intensive computing systems. The SN74CB3Q3384A is organized as an 8-bit bus switch with two output-enable (OE, OE) inputs. When OE is high or OE is low, the bus switch is ON, and the A port is connected to the B port, allowing bidirectional data flow between ports. When OE is low and OE is high, the bus switch is OFF, and a high-impedance state exists between the A and B ports. This device is fully specified for partial-power-down applications using Ioff. The Ioff circuitry prevents damaging current backflow through the device when it is powered down. The device has isolation during power off. To ensure the high-impedance state during power up or power down, OE should be tied to VCC through a pullup Resistor and OE should be tied to GND through a pulldown resistor; the minimum value of the Resistor is determined by the current-sinking/current-sourcing capability of the driver. ORDERING INFORMATION
Texas Instruments Incorporated
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