Single Channel Mobile Pwm Controller With Dynamic Voltage Adjustment

  The NX2147 controller IC is a step down switching con- troller with ability to dynamically adjust the output volt- age designed for applications such as Graphic Proces- sor Core voltage in Notebook PC products. It allows this by adjusting the reference input of the PWM comprator as oppose to the traditional method of feed- back adjustment. This device has three mode of opera- tions; a) Constant ON Time Synchronous Mode, b) Non Synchronous PFM mode or c) Ultrasonic PFM mode of operation. When selected in Non Synchronous mode, the device automatically disables the synchronous MOSFET in order to improve efficiency at light load. This device provides excellent dynamic response and nearly constant frequency for operation from 4.5V to 24V of input voltage operation. Other features of the device are; internal logic level signal MOSFETs for out- put dynamic voltage adjustment, internal boost schotcky Diode less than 1uA VIN shutdown current, adjustable current limiting using lower MOSFET Rds-On and feed- back UVLO followed by latchdown, overvoltage protec- tion , internal digital soft start and soft stop shutdown using and internal 20 ohm MOSFET pull down.
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