Flat Cable Connectors

  Flat Cable Connectors , XG4A Flat Cable Connectors The Mainstream of Circuit Board Connectors conforming MIL Standards with Improved Design.
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XG5Z-0002   XG4Z-0002   XG4M6431   XG4M-U   XG4M-6430   XG4M-6031   XG4M-5031   XG4M-1630   XG4M-1430   XG4M-1031   XG4M-1030   XG4E647   XG4E-643   XG4E-607   XG4E-507   XG4E-163   XG4E-143   XG4E-107   XG4E-103   XG4C647  
Omron Corporation
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