85 W Dual Complementary-output Dc/dc Converter

  The PTB48600A is one of a series of isolated DC/DC converter modules that provide a pair of complementary supply voltages for powering line-driver ICs in xDSL telecom applications. These modules operate from a standard telecom (-48 V) central office supply and can provide up to a 85 W of power in a balanced load configuration. The A-suffix module (?5 V) is designed to power the Line Driver ICs for the AC-7 ADSL chipset. It will also power any other applications that require a complementary supply with relatively balanced loads. The two compliementary outputs can also be configured as a single output of twice the voltage magnitude. As an example, the outputs of a PTB48600A can be adjusted up to ?6 V, and configured as a single 12-V output. The PTB48600 includes an output ?on/off? enable control, output current limit, over-temperature protection, and input under-voltage lockout (UVLO). The control inputs, ?Enable? and ?Sync In,? are compatible with the ?EN Out? and ?Sync Out? signals of the PTB4850x DC/DC converter. This allows the power-up and switching frequency of a PTB48600 module to be directly controlled from a PTB48500. Together the PTB48500 and PTB48600 converters meet all the system power and sequencing requirements of the AC-7 ADSL chipset. The PTB48600 employs double-sided surface mount construction. The package options include both through-hole and surface mount pin configurations.
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