3.3/1.2-v 28-w Output, 48-v Input Dc/dc Converter

  The PTB4850x Power Modules are a dual-output isolated DC/DC converter, designed to provide the logic supply voltages for AC-7 based xDSL applications. The PTB48500 is rated for 13 A of total output current, making it suitable for 32-channel xDSL applications. The PTB48501 and PTB48502 provide output current for powering up to 64 xDSL channels. The PTB48501 is rated for 16.5 A total output current, and the PTB48502, 21 A. The PTB48502 incorporates 10 W of additional capacity for powering peripheral circuitry. Any of these converters can be used for other applications with similar power requirements. The modules operate from a standard telecom (?48 V) central office (CO) supply and include an on/off enable control, output current limit, over-temperature protection, input under-voltage lockout (UVLO). The PTB48500 and PTB48501 also incorporates a power-up reset (POR) output. The modules are designed to operate with one of the PTB4851x DC/DC converter modules. The combination of PTB4850x and PTB4851x converter provides the complete the power supply for an AC7 chipset. The EN Out and Sync Out pins provide compatible output signals for controlling both the power up sequence and switching frequency the PTB48510. The PTB4850x modules employ double-sided surface mount construction, and are an industry standard size.
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