20-a, 48-v Input, Isolated, 1/8th Brick Dc/dc Converter

  The PTEA series of Power Modules are single-output isolated DC/DC converters, housed in an industry standard 1/8thbrick package. These modules are rated up to 66 W with a maximum load current of 20 A. The PTEA series operates from a standard 48-V telecom central office (CO) supply and occupies only 2.0 in2 of PCB area. The modules offer OEMs a compact and flexible high-output power source in an industry standard footprint. They are suitable for distributed power applications in both telecom and computing environments, and may be used for powering high-end microprocessors, DSPs general purpose logic and analog.
Item: PTEA420025
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PTEA420033P2AD   PTEA420033N2AD   PTEA420033   PTEA420025P2AD   PTEA420025N2AD  
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