Two 1-bit Lvttl/gtlp Adj-edge-rate Bus Xcvrs W Split Lvttl Port, Fdbk Path And Selectable Polarity

  /ORDERING INFORMATION The SN74GTLP21395 is two 1-bit, high-drive, 3-WIRE bus Transceivers that provide LVTTL-to-GTLP and GTLP-to-LVTTL signal-level translation for applications, such as primary and secondary clocks, that require individual output-enable and true/complement controls. The device allows for transparent and inverted transparent modes of data transfer with separate LVTTL input and LVTTL output pins, which provide a feedback path for control and diagnostics monitoring. The device provides a high-speed Interface between cards operating at LVTTL logic levels and a backplane operating at GTLP signal levels and is designed especially to work with the Texas Instruments 3.3-V 1394 backplane physical-layer controller. High-speed (about three times faster than standard LVTTL or TTL) backplane operation is a direct result of GTLP reduced output swing (
Texas Instruments Incorporated
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