16-bit Lvttl To Gtl/gtl+ Universal Bus Transceivers With Live Insertion

  /ORDERING INFORMATION The SN74GTL1655 is a high-drive (100 mA), low-output-impedance (12 ?) 16-bit UBT? Transceiver that provides LVTTL-to-GTL/GTL+ and GTL/GTL+-to-LVTTL signal-level translation. This device is partitioned as two 8-bit Transceivers and combines D-type Flip-Flops and D-type Latches to allow for transparent, latched, and clocked modes of data transfer similar to the '16501 function. This device provides an Interface between cards operating at LVTTL logic levels and a backplane operating at GTL/GTL+ signal levels. Higher-speed operation is a direct result of the reduced output swing (
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