10-a, 2.2v To 5.5v Input, Non-isolated, Wide Output, Adjustable Power Module With Turbotrans

  The PTH04T240/241W is a high-performance 10-A rated, non-isolated Power Module These modules represent the 2nd generation of the popular PTH series Power Modules and include a reduced footprint and additional features. The PTH04T241W is optimized to be used with all ceramic Capacitors Operating from an input voltage range of 2.2 V to 5.5 V, the PTH04T240/241W requires a single Resistor to set the output voltage to any value over the range, 0.69 V to 3.6 V. The wide input voltage range makes the PTH04T240/241W particularly suitable for advanced computing and server applications that utilize a 2.5-V, 3.3-V, or 5-V intermediate bus architecture. The module incorporates a comprehensive list of features. Output over-current and over-temperature shutdown protects against most load faults. A differential remote sense ensures tight load regulation. An adjustable under-voltage lockout allows the turn-on voltage threshold to be customized. Auto-Track?sequencing is a popular feature that greatly simplifies the simultaneous power-up and power-down of multiple modules in a power system. The PTH04T240/241W includes new patent pending technologies, TurboTrans? and SmartSync. The TurboTrans feature optimizes the transient response of the Regulator while simultaneously reducing the quantity of external output Capacitors required to meet a target voltage deviation specification. Additionally, for a target output Capacitor bank, TurboTrans can be used to significantly improve the Regulators transient response by reducing the peak voltage deviation. SmartSync allows for switching frequency synchronization of multiple modules, thus simplifying EMI noise suppression tasks and reducing input Capacitor RMS current requirements. The module uses double-sided surface mount construction to
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