10 A 3.3-v Input Bus Termination Power Module For Ddr/qdr Memory

  The PTHxx060Y are a series of ready-to-use Switching Regulator modules from Texas Instruments designed specifically for bus termination in DDR and QDR Memory applications. Operating from either a 3.3-V, 5-V or 12-V input, the modules generate a VTT output that will source or sink up to 10 A of current to accurately track their VREF input. VTT is the required bus termination supply voltage, and VREF is the reference voltage for the Memory and chipset bus Receiver Comparators VREF is usually set to half the VDDQ power supply voltage. Both the PTHxx060Y series employs an actively switched synchronous Rectifier output to provide state-of-the-art stepdown switching conversion. The products are small in size (1 in ? 0.62 in), and are an ideal choice where space, performance, and high efficiency are desired, along with the convenience of a ready-to-use module. Operating features include an on/off inhibit and output over-current protection (source mode only). The on/off inhibit feature allows the VTT bus to be turned off to save power in a standby mode of operation. To ensure tight load regulation, an output remote sense is also provided. Package options include both throughhole and surface mount configurations. STANDARD APPLICATION
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