6 A, 3.3-v Input Non-isolated Wide Adjust Module W/ Auto-track

  The PTH03050 is one of the smallest non-isolated Power Modules from Texas Instruments that features Auto-Track?. Auto-Track simplifies supply voltage sequencing in power systems by enabling modules to track each other, or any other external voltage, during power up and power down. Although small in size (0.87 in ? 0.5 in), these modules are rated for up to 6 A of output current, and are an ideal choice in applications where space, performance, and a power-up sequencing capability are important attributes. The product provides high-performance Step-down conversion from a 3.3-V input bus voltage. The output voltage of the PTH03050W can be set to any voltage over the range, 0.8 V to 2.5 V, using a single Resistor Other operating features include an on/off inhibit, output voltage adjust (trim), and output over-current protection. For high efficiency these parts employ a synchronous Rectifier output stage, but a pre-bias hold-off capability ensures that the output will not sink current during startup. Target applications include telecom, industrial, and general purpose Circuits including low-power dual-voltage systems that use a DSP microprocessor, ASIC or FPGA Package options include both throughhole and surface mount configurations.
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