Dual, Isolated, Bi-directional Digital Coupler

  The ISO150 is a 2-channel, galvanically-isolated data coupler capable of data rates of 80M Baud, typical. Each channel can be individually programmed to transmit data in either direction. Data is transmitted across the isolation barrier by coupling complementary pulses through high voltage 0.4 pF Capacitors Receiver circuitry restores the pulses to standard logic levels. Differential signal transmission rejects isolation-mode voltage transients up to 1.6 kV/?s The ISO150 avoids problems commonly associated with Optocouplers Optically isolated couplers require high current pulses and allowance must be made for LED aging. The ISO150 s Bi-CMOS circuitry operates at 25 mW per channel. The ISO150 is available in an SO-28 and is specified for operation from ?40?C to 85?C.
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