High-performance, 24-bit, 216 Khz Sampling Stereo Audio Analog-to-digital Conver

  The PCM4202 is a high-performance, stereo Audio analog-to-digital (A/D) converter designed for professional and broadcast Audio applications. The PCM4202 architecture utilizes a 1 bit delta-sigma Modulator per channel, incorporating a novel density modulated dither scheme for improved dynamic performance. The PCM4202 supports 24 bit linear PCM output data, with sampling frequencies up to 216 kHz. The PCM4202 can also be configured to output either 64? or 128? oversampled, 1 bit direct stream digital (DSD) data for each channel. Support for PCM and DSD output formats makes the PCM4202 suitable for a variety of digital Audio recording and processing applications. The PCM4202 includes a flexible Audio serial port Interface which supports standard Audio data formats. Audio data format selection, sampling mode configuration, and high-pass Filter functions are all programmed using dedicated control pins. The PCM4202 operates from a 5 V analog power supply and a 3.3 V digital power supply. The digital I/O pins are compatible with 3.3 V logic families. The PCM4202 is available in a small SSOP-28 package. ORDERING INFORMATION (1)
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V62-07642-01XE   PCM4202IDBREP  
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