Low Power Stereo Audio Adc With Microphone Bias, Alc, Sound Effect, Notch Filter

  The PCM1870 is a low-power stereo ADC designed for portable digital Audio applications, with line-input amplifier, boost amplifier, microphone bias, programmable gain control, sound effects, and auto level control (ALC). It is available in 24-QFN (4-mm ? 5-mm) and 24-DSBGA (2.49-mm ? 3.49-mm) packages to save footprint. The PCM1870 accepts right-justified, left-justified, I2S, and DSP formats, providing easy interfacing to Audio DSP and encoder chips. Sampling rates up to 50 kHz are supported. The user-programmable functions are accessible through a 2- or 3-WIRE serial control port.
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