Single Ended Analog Input 24-bit 96khz Stereo Adc

  The PCM1802 is a high-performance, low-cost, single-chip stereo analog-to-digital converter with single-ended analog voltage input. The PCM1802 uses a delta-sigma Modulator with 64- or 128-times oversampling, and includes a digital decimation Filter and high-pass Filter (HPF), which removes the dc component of the input signal. For various applications, the PCM1802 supports master and slave modes and four data formats in serial Interface The PCM1802 is suitable for a wide variety of costsensitive consumer applications where good performance, 5-V analog supply, and 3.3-V digital supply operation is required. The PCM1802 is fabricated using a highly advanced CMOS process and is available in the DB 20-pin SSOP package.
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PCM1802DBRG4   PCM1802DBR   PCM1802DBG4   PCM1802DB  
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