Dual Differential Drivers And Receivers

  /ORDERING INFORMATION The SN7534050 and SN7534051 dual differential drivers and Receivers are monolithic integrated Circuits designed to meet the requirements of ANSI standards TIA/EIA-422-B and ITU Recommendations V.11. The driver outputs provide limiting for both positive and negative currents and thermal shutdown protection from line fault conditions on transmission bus line. The SN7534050 combines dual 3-state differential drivers and dual 3-state differential input Receivers The drivers and Receivers have active-high and active-low enables, respectively which can be externally connected together to function as direction control. SN7534051 drivers each have an individual active-high enable. ORDERING INFORMATION
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SN7534050NSRG4   SN7534050NSRE4   SN7534050NSR   SN7534050NSG4   SN7534050NSE4   SN7534050NS   SN7534050NE4   SN7534050N  
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