Dual Differential Line Receiver

  The SN75146 is a dual differential line Receiver designed to meet ANSI Standards EIA / TIA-422-B and -423-B. The Receiver is designed to have a constant impedance with input voltages of ? 3 V to ? 25 V allowing it to meet the requirements of EIA / TIA-232-E and ITU recommendation V.28 with the addition of an external bias Resistor This Receiver is designed for low-speed operation below 355 kHz and has a built-in 5-MHz low-pass Filter to attenuate high-frequency noise. The inputs are compatible with either a single-ended or a differential line system and the outputs are TTL compatible. This device operates from a single 5-V power supply and is supplied in both the 8-pin dual-in-line and small-outline packages. The SN75146 is characterized for operation from 0?C to 70?C.
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SN75146P   SN75146DG4   SN75146DE4   SN75146D  
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