Quadruple Differential Line Driver

  The AM26C31 is a differential Line Driver with complementary outputs, designed to meet the requirements of TIA/EIA-422-B and ITU (formerly CCITT). The 3-state outputs have high-current capability for driving balanced lines, such as twisted-pair or parallel-wire transmission lines, and they provide the high-impedance state in the power-off condition. The enable functions are common to all four drivers and offer the choice of an active-high (G) or active-low (G) enable input. BiCMOS circuitry reduces power consumption without sacrificing speed.
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AM26C31QDRG4   AM26C31QDR   AM26C31QDG4   AM26C31QD   AM26C31IPWRG4   AM26C31IPWR   AM26C31IPWG4   AM26C31IPWE4   AM26C31IPW   AM26C31INSRG4   AM26C31INSR   AM26C31INE4   AM26C31IN   AM26C31IDRG4   AM26C31IDRE4   AM26C31IDR   AM26C31IDG4   AM26C31IDE4   AM26C31IDBRG4   AM26C31IDBRE4  
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