Thin, Compact, Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor

  Cylindrical models (E3HT and E3HC) are ideal for embedded nstallation. Square 7.5-mm model (E3HS) has a sensing distance of 1m. Resin-filled models (E3HS and E3HC) offer excellent vibration esistance. Ultra-thin 7-mm model (E3HF) requires very little depth for nstallation, helping to save space. E3HTand E3HC comply with EN standards.
Item: E3HF-DS5E1
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E3HT-DS3E2   E3HT-DS3E1   E3HT-1E2   E3HT-1E1   E3HS-DS5E2   E3HS-DS5E1   E3HS-1E2   E3HS-1E1   E3HF-DS5E2   E3HF-1E2   E3HF-1E1   E3HC-DS3E2   E3HC-DS3E1   E3HC-1E2   E3HC-1E1  
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